Take a pizza slice to your misleading ad, watchdog tells restaurant chain

05 July 2019 - 07:00 By Dave Chambers
Col'Cacchio's 'I love Twosday' winter promo is misleading, the advertising watchdog has ruled.
Col'Cacchio's 'I love Twosday' winter promo is misleading, the advertising watchdog has ruled.
Image: Col'Cacchio

The advertising watchdog has given an Italian restaurant chain a pizza its mind over a two-for-the-price-of-one offer with a generous topping of Ts and Cs.

On the face of it, Col’Cacchio’s “I love Twosday” deal was as straightforward as a margherita.

But consumer Harrie Esterhuyse complained to the Advertising Regulatory Board that the terms and conditions turned it into something resembling a gourmet option with a wheat and gluten-free base and sprinkled with saffron.

“In essence, [Esterhuyse] submits that the material leads the consumer to assume that if they order two dishes they will only pay for one,” said the board’s directorate.

“What the advertisement fails to make clear is that you may only order one meal per person (one person cannot order two pizza or pasta dishes), as set out in a long list of terms and conditions.

“This means the deal is not available for individuals visiting the restaurant.”

Col'Cacchio's offending advertising material.
Col'Cacchio's offending advertising material.
Image: Col'Cacchio

Col’Cacchio told the directorate its Ts and Cs said: “One promo per couple/two people”, but the watchdog pointed out that terms and conditions were meant to clarify the offer, not change it.

The advertising material said “you” will get, not “a couple” will get; there was no asterisk to alert customers to a material condition; and the ad said “order two and pay for one, simple as that”, implying this was not a complicated offer.

“The directorate considered the situation where a person might order a small pizza to start, and then a pasta as a main,” it said.

“Given the wording of the offer ... this person would quite reasonably expect to only pay for the more expensive dish.”

Col’Cacchio was ordered to withdraw or amend its advertising material.