Zephany Nurse on her kidnappers, biological parents & being a mom

16 August 2019 - 09:36 By Cebelihle Bhengu
Known as Zephany Nurse, Miché Solomon chose to reveal her real identity.
Known as Zephany Nurse, Miché Solomon chose to reveal her real identity.
Image: Badoo/Miche Solomon

Miché Solomon, known as Zephany Nurse, is breaking years of silence about her life, reuniting with her biological parents 17 years after she was stolen from a Cape Town hospital, and being a mother of two.

Speaking to eNCA on Thursday about navigating through life since her ordeal and revealing her true identity to the world upon the release of her book, Miché said she is well, but admits that it hasn't been easy.

On meeting her biological parents for the first time, Miché said she agreed to see them out of guilt for what Lavona Solomon, the woman she grew up believing was her mother, had done.

“I felt that I owed it to them. I felt that my mommy really hurt you guys. This is the least I could do to say I was sorry for her part.”

Just as she was about to meet Celeste and Mornè Nurse, she felt afraid and uncomfortable, but equally that she needed to know where she came from.

But their first interaction was not how she had imagined it would be.

“I pretended, out of respect. I was standing there and I was like, I feel absolutely nothing. I don't feel anything.”

She said though she acknowledges that what Lavona did was wrong, she cannot hate her, as she gave her stability and a good life.  

“I always got what I wanted. We were never rich, but we never lacked anything. There was a good level of understanding, that is how I was raised. I feel like she saved me from a lot of things and for some reason, I can't hate her.”

On being a mother herself, Miché said she loves her children and feels pressure to give them the stable life she had growing up. “I love them to bits. I do feel that I owe them the stable life that I had.”