WATCH | Fill your fuel tank via your phone: new app offers petrol deliveries in Gauteng

11 December 2020 - 06:00

Refuel is a Johannesburg-based company that is "basically the new Uber Eats but for petrol and filling stations", according to Ricky Luntz, the founder of the business.

The company's main aims are providing safety, convenience and transparency - and saving time - for its customers.

To use the service, you download the Refuel app, follow a few simple instructions and then schedule the delivery of your fuel.

At the moment, the company provides fuel to people who work in big corporate offices that have 100-plus people. They do not do emergency, on-demand or individual requests for fuel, but it is something the team is looking into.

"We are testing out a trial of refuelling vehicles in residential areas, but that is not our long-term goal," said Luntz.

Craig Dogon, the company's COO, explained to TimesLIVE that Refuel isn't a company that buys and sells fuel. They buy the amount needed by the client from the filling station and have it delivered to them, with a flat-rate fee of R20 all around Gauteng.