WATCH | Rescuers in epic tug-of-war with python that ate family's pet cats

30 November 2018 - 11:11 By timeslive

Snake rescuers in Thailand had an epic hour-long tug-of-war with a python that had been living under a house for over a year - slowly killing off the owner's pet cats.

Pensioner Ruang Peung called the emergency services on the night of November 23 2018, after he caught sight of the serpent slithering out the back door.

Video footage shows two rescuers pulling the python by the tail, while another two try to manoeuvre it's body after the snake slid under the wooden floorboards. 

After eventually dragging the snake out, the rescuers put it in a large bag so it can be taken away - hopefully to a place where no more pet cats will become its dinner.