New ANC top 6 must deal with abuse of state resources - Mandla Mandela

19 December 2017 - 10:43 By Timeslive
Mandla Mandela.
Mandla Mandela.
Image: Sunday Times

Newly elected ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa and deputy president David "DD" Mabuza have the mammoth tasks of uniting the party‚ taking forward the national democratic revolution programme‚ and restoring the standing of the ANC in the eyes of the electorate with the 2019 national election beckoning.

So says ANC MP Mandla Mandela.

Quoting his grandfather‚ he said: "President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela's famous quote‚ 'And I smiled because every day South Africans are building a new dawn,' is very apt today.

"This newly elected leadership has an opportunity to restore faith in the movement and its ability to be the vanguard of change and radical economic transformation. Upon its shoulders rests the task of leading South Africa into a new future; one of hope‚ optimism and a better life for all."

This‚ he said‚ presented one of the most critical challenges for those serving the party over the next five years in their term of office.

"We call on all organs of civil society‚ faith-based organisations‚ non-governmental organisations and community-based organisations from all walks of life to keep the spirit of democracy healthy and strong and not step back from holding elected leadership accountable for their actions.

"We call on you to support the newly elected ANC leadership and give them a chance to make the desired changes and to be true inheritors of the legacy of Mandela‚ Tambo‚ Sisulu‚ Kathrada‚ Naude‚ Lilian Ngoyi‚ Helen Joseph‚ Ruth First and all who sacrificed life and limb for our beloved country and our valuable freedom.

"I am confident that those upon whose shoulders the mantle of leadership now rests are fully cognisant of the enormity of their task and the great expectations that the masses of our people have...

"We shall watch with great anticipation as our new leadership grapples with the burning issue of corruption and abuse of state resources."