IEC, Africa and Herman Mashaba: five quotes from Julius Malema

17 May 2019 - 11:12 By Cebelihle Bhengu
EFF leader Julius Malema emphasised his belief that Africans should be able to move freely on the continent.
EFF leader Julius Malema emphasised his belief that Africans should be able to move freely on the continent.

EFF leaders held a media briefing on Thursday in which Julius Malema spoke about the party's goals and answered questions from the media.

Malema touched on his party's concerns about double-voting, the ANC's performance, as well as measures needed to be taken by the IEC to prevent double-voting in future.

Here are five telling quotes from his speech:

IEC must be prepared for 2021 elections

"When the 2021 local government election happens, the IEC should have modernised its system and monitoring capacity to prevent double or triple-voting. The IEC must be beyond reproach because its incapacity and incompetence will lead to violence and an unworkable political environment."

Africa unite

"We reiterate our call for African unity. We shall continue to advocate for free movement of goods and people in the African continent, which is long overdue. We shall never retreat from this principle, even if in the immediate it seems to threaten our electoral growth."

EFF growth in KZN and Mpumalanga

"The growth in KZN and Mpumalanga is because of hard work. If you notice the growth is in Eastern Cape, KZN and Mpumalanga. In Mpumalanga we deployed the deputy president, we deployed commissar Veronica, we deployed Mam Reneilwe. That was a solid team.

"In KZN we dissolved everything including the membership, we started working from the ground and when did this we were accused of factionalism and purging. We did the same in the Eastern Cape."

'We are not mini ANC'

"You shouldn't beg friendship at the expense of the organisation. The organisation must grow and if people are not adding value, they must be told. You add value or you ship out. It has to be like that, otherwise we are going to experience what the ANC is experiencing. The ANC is unable to grow because they are not honest with each other."

Herman Mashaba stays as mayor

"I am reluctant to remove the mayor of Joburg - you know why? Those ANC people hate Mashaba and I am very happy. Every time they speak, that Mashaba is traumatising them. So anyone that traumatises the ANC is my hero."