WATCH LIVE | State capture: former ANN7 editor Rajesh Sundaram continues testimony

04 June 2019 - 09:50 By TimesLIVE

The state capture inquiry will continue to hear testimony of former ANN7 editor, Rajesh Sundaram, on Tuesday.

On Monday, he spoke about his experience in SA after he was head-hunted in India to help establish the then Gupta-owned channel, and about former president Jacob Zuma's alleged involvement.

"There was no position for an editor in this station. They just wanted a rubber stamp. It was more of a propaganda station that they wanted to set up."

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"What I found during my experience here was that although Duduzane Zuma was a shareholder, it was Jacob Zuma who was more actively involved in the meetings that were held … Duduzane's involvement in the running of the station was minimal, there was just one meeting where he had a small appearance."

"It was a game that I thought they were playing with the president and giving him an impression his views were taken seriously. When, in fact, the Guptas would do whatever they wanted and throw Zuma's plans in the dustbin."

The inquiry will also hear testimony of former SABC employee Josias J Scott on Tuesday.