Seven key points from Malema's Freedom Day address - 'Social grant increases must be permanent'

Malema said an increase in social grants would help fight poverty.

28 April 2020 - 09:43 By Cebelihle Bhengu
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EFF leader Julius Malema. File photo.
EFF leader Julius Malema. File photo.

EFF leader Julius Malema on Monday addressed the party's virtual Freedom Day rally as SA marked 26 years since it held its first democratic elections.

Here's a summary of his address in seven quotes:

Expand health care

“Government must build permanent health care systems and infrastructure that will respond to needs of our people. Instead of temporary hospitals, government should build an extended network of hospitals, clinics in all wards, townships, informal settlements and villages.”

Social grants 

“We fully welcome the increase of social grants and the introduction of the basic income grant for unemployed people. Our demand in this regard is simple, these increases must be made permanent. The old age grant must never be reduced and be increased to R2, 800 the child support grant to R800 and the grant for the unemployed to R1, 000 per month.”


“Let us be among the few countries in the world to abolish homelessness. The homeless people currently housed by government should be rehabilitated and reintegrated back into normal society.”

Education under lockdown 

“The coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown vindicates our position and we demand under the current circumstances that government must provide laptops, and tablets to all learners and students. All educational content must be zero rated in terms of data costs. When Icasa issued Vodacom, MTN and all other networks, they made a commitment to install internet in schools to provide computers and laptops. These companies have reported that government has not come to the party and told them where to install the internet and computers.”

Honouring Winnie Mandela

“We've taken a decision to start a new school from scratch, the Winnie Mandela combined school. We've bought the land and have contacted Winnie Mandela's family regarding the naming of the school and over the next five years, we'll work day and night to establish this school along with the values of decolonisation and socialism. It will be a school for the poor, dejected and talented children.”

IMF should not be an option 

“Instead of the IMF and the World Bank, SA should look at unclaimed benefits as there are billions of unclaimed benefits and money in insurance companies generated through profit of worker's pensions. Government must look into these as a source of the money we need during this crisis.”

Food parcels

“The theft and looting of food parcels by ANC councillors is proof enough that these people cannot be trusted with the lives of our people. We have written to the president to demand that all councillors and politicians must be removed from the delivery of food parcels.”

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