Mzansi pokes fun at 'sore loser' Lynsey Sharp as Caster Semenya blitzes past

06 May 2019 - 08:41 By Jessica Levitt
Mzansi is behind Caster all the way.
Mzansi is behind Caster all the way.
Image: Lukas Schulze/Getty Images for IAAF

An act of defiance? An illustration of power? A show of dominance? Or just Caster? Call it what you will, but when Caster Semenya raced to victory in the 800m at the IAAF Diamond League event in Doha on Friday, she gave the world the feels.

As much as Mzansi celebrated her victory, it was the comments by British runner and competitor Lynsey Sharp which also got attention.

Sharp has been vocal in her criticism on Semenya before and after finishing 9th at this event. She said she had been receiving death threats.

"By no means am I over the moon about this. I've had death threats. I've had threats against my family, and that's not a position I want to be in. It's really unfortunate the way it's played out. I've known Caster since 2008, it's something I've been familiar with over the past 11 years."

The outrage stems from previous comments made by Sharp after Semenya was allowed to compete in the 800m without taking medication to lower her testosterone. 

Never ready to miss an opportunity, Mzansi poked fun at the runner.