In a minute: Sade Giliberti, presenter on So You Think You Can Dance

15 August 2010 - 02:00 By Jason Von Berg

Being involved with the second season of So You Think You Can Danceis great. Actually, it's as cool as the first season. It's always fantastic being part of such an awesome and popular show.

The most stressful part of being a presenter has been changing my image, because what some fans don't know is that I'm a tomboy.

The behind-the-scenes guys and girls are really fun, plus they know how to work hard when they need to. It's not only about the contestants who come on the show thinking they can dance - our crew always busts some moves during the audition process.

Survivor: South Africa was an awesome reality show to be a part of. It was a good vehicle to show and remind SA who the real Sade is. The Sade they watched growing up, the down to earth, short-haired, boisterous gal.

It's been a crazy journey for me, sometimes it's even hard to believe that I have been in the "limelight" from such a young age. I have been a part of many wonderful projects over the years, but I think my biggest highlight (besides SYTYCD and Survivor) is managing to remain on a daily youth show for 10 years. Being a kid growing up on TV, it's hard to sometimes have those typical "teen" moments because of the role model job we had to portray to so many kids out there.

If there's one person I could bitch slap it would be Lady Gaga. Yeah, yeah, I know everyone likes her and she's a great entertainer, but where will she be in another year? And as for those black heels she keeps wearing. She always takes a tumble. Then again, so do I.

My gap year was the greatest thing I ever did for myself, professionally and personally. However, it has left me with the travel bug. There's so much of the world I would still like to see and I am itching to travel again.

I enjoy photography and I would like to be way better at it than I already think I am. If I could have another skill, I would like to have the ability to be insanely artistic, like a graphic designer or some kind of artist. I also want to write a book one day.

The last good movie I watched was The Runaways, about Joan Jet, starring Kristen Stewart. I liked that it just told the story. No in-between love story or curve-ball plot. Plus the performances were good from K Stew and Dakota Fanning.

I do all my chores, and I don't mind doing them. Although I hate ironing. What a mission.