Wanted Online arrives as South Africa’s premier online luxury destination

17 August 2016 - 14:43 By TMG Digital

A new digital platform of Business Day’s glossy lifestyle magazine Wanted has been launched by Times Media.

Image: TIMES MEDIA/365psd.com

Wanted Online is the only online luxury destination in South Africa to cover arts‚ entertainment‚ society‚ travel‚ food‚ style‚ fashion‚ watches‚ jewellery‚ beauty‚ technology‚ business and motoring‚ all on one responsive and beautifully designed website.

Edited by Jacquie Myburgh Chemaly‚ Wanted contains thoughtful journalism alongside luxury lifestyle content and is distributed monthly to Business Day subscribers. Wanted Online is designed for the affluent and educated reader and will complement the magazine with fresh content published throughout the month.

Trevor Ormerod‚ GM of sales and marketing at Times Media‚ says: “Wanted Online will attract a new audience that may not be familiar with the Business Day Wanted brand. We’re expecting the website to open up a wider reader base and become the primary online destination for luxury advertisers across Africa.”

Says Lisa MacLeod‚ head of digital at Times Media: “Wanted Online is a fantastic new addition to the Times Media stable of digital products. It will also augment the soon-to-be-launched BusinessLIVE portal.”

BusinessLIVE‚ which Times Media will launch in October this year‚ will consolidate the group’s business content and more for South Africa’s business and financial audiences‚ incorporating Business Day‚ Financial Mail‚ Business Times‚ Investors Monthly‚ Rand Daily Mail‚ BDTV and Wanted Online‚ along with exclusive syndicated content from the Financial Times and online access to The Wall Street Journal.

“With the strong engagement that advertisers already enjoy in reaching their target consumers through our platforms catering to the business sector‚ Wanted Online creates a compelling advertising platform for marketers‚” says Ormerod.

“It is a site with strong visual appeal through which we can offer bespoke advertising opportunities and rich media inserts that do justice to the marketing of luxury brands. It is also the perfect vehicle for high-end native campaigns.”

The Wanted Online website is visually rich‚ but online audiences will browse the site on desktop and mobile devices with ease. “The site has been highly optimised to be light in download speed and data usage without compromising the high quality look and feel of the content. Users will find the website responsive and data friendly across all devices‚ and it will have a strong presence on our social media platforms too‚” says MacLeod.