Liam Gallagher gives rubbish travel advice & burns A-listers

Our pick of the potty-mouthed musician's funniest recent comments

13 October 2017 - 13:08 By Michael Hogan
Liam Gallagher in the official video for 'Wall of Glass'.
Liam Gallagher in the official video for 'Wall of Glass'.
Image: Liam Gallagher/Youtube

Lock up your eyebrow-trimmers because it's Gallagher sibling war. Feuding former Oasis brothers Noel and Liam both have albums out, so have been hitting the publicity trail harder than Liam punching a paparazzo.

Who Built The Moon? by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds has been getting critical buzz, but swaggeringly charismatic Liam's solo debut As You Were is currently outselling the rest of the UK's Top 20 albums combined.

He's beating his big bruv wit-wise too - and Noel's no slouch himself, having once described Liam as "like a man with a fork in a world of soup".

Here's our pick of Liam's funniest recent comments:


Liam recently shared his top in-flight tips:

"Don't read. F*** reading. I just sit there and stare out the window. Pure mind control, mate. I'm a zen c***, me. I don't drink on a plane anymore either, 'cause I just end up getting f***ing w***ered. Have a kip. Might watch the odd film for half an hour, then I'm bored of that. So I just stare out the window, man. I can entertain myself in there [taps his temple]. I just sit there like that and say to the missus: 'Are we there yet?' She's like: 'No, we've not taken off yet'."

WATCH Liam Gallagher perform For What It's Worth from his new album As You Were


Q: Are you a breasts, legs or arse man?

A: Partial to the odd elbow.

Q: What's your favourite jacket?

A: Potato. Q: What would your last meal be?

A: An egg.


The potty-mouthed singer isn't afraid to burn other A-listers:

Coldplay's Chris Martin? "He's a plant pot. Looks like a geography teacher and his band are a bunch of students."

Liam Gallagher's 'As You Were' album cover.
Liam Gallagher's 'As You Were' album cover.
Image: Supplied

Jamie Oliver? "I got told off for throwing stones at his windows pissed up, asking him to chuck down some bacon rolls."

Florence Welch? "Sounds like someone's stood on her f***ing foot."

U2's jogging frontman? "You see pictures of Bono running around LA with his little white legs and a bottle of Volvic and he looks like a fanny."

Donald Trump and certain other world leaders? "He's a dick. They're all dicks. Kim Jong-f***ing-whatever-he's- called, they're all off their f***ing tits."

Hard to argue with that last one. - The Daily Telegraph

• Liam Gallagher's new album 'As You Were' is available on Apple Music.