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Watch Trevor Noah’s most stirring moments over the past five years on ‘The Daily Show’

12 October 2020 - 16:17 By Jamie Matroos
Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah
Image: Gettty Images

This year marks the fifth year since Trevor Noah took over The Daily Show, succeeding late-night television legend Jon Stewart. It was a historic moment for SA comedy, late-night television and Noah’s career. 

But many wondered if our star comedian could fill Stewart’s shoes. In five years, it’s safe to say Noah has exceeded expectations by making Stewart’s winning formula of political satire his own. 

Here are Noah’s most stirring moments over the past five years ...

1. Tomi Lahren | Giving a voice to conservative America 

Noah faced intense criticism for inviting Tomi Lahren, a controversial conservative political commentator, to The Daily Show’s interview segment. Many felt that giving Lahren an even bigger platform would add fuel to a raging garbage fire. But in a way Noah has become known for, he reminded us that engaging with those we have the least in common with does more to unite than divide. 


2. George Floyd, Minneapolis protests, Ahmaud Arbery and Amy Cooper 

In an incisive, intimate monologue, Noah unpacked the socio-economic and historical context facing black Americans. As unemployment and uncertainty climbs, the number of black unarmed Americans killed by police continues to rise. In this clip, Noah takes a closer look at the social issues surrounding these circumstances and goes beyond satire to make sense of a complex and broken society.

3. Donsplaining 

While many of Noah’s most impactful moments are filled with critical thinking and thoughtful discourse, he still leaves room for jokes. In this segment, Noah makes light of Donald Trump’s most hilarious attempts at public speaking. 


4. Trevor responds to criticism from the French ambassador 

France’s colonial history in Africa is no secret. It was especially visible when they won the Soccer World Cup in 2018. Several of the team’s national squad members are of African descent, so when Noah called it an African victory, he caught some heat from the French ambassador. This is what he had to say about it.


5. Trevor chats with his grandmother about apartheid and tours her home

In 2018, Noah brought The Daily Show to Jozi where he spoke to his grandmother in a Crib’s style tour and in doing so gave the world some insight about where he comes from as a comedian and as a person. 


6. Growing up in SA 

Noah doesn’t forget to bring it home. The funniest and most viewed clips of The Daily Show usually include one of his famous accents or a story from back home.


7. Dr Fauci answers Noah’s questions about coronavirus 

Misinformation is rife in the world of politics and now, unfortunately, in the world of health care. Even Trump in a recent Twitter video told the American people to not be afraid of Covid-19. In a one-on-one with Dr Fauci, Noah found some answers. 


8. Jay-Z’s new bodyguard 

We all hate a crowd, but very few of us will ever get to say that we escaped one by pretending to be Jay Z’s bodyguard. In this hilarious retelling during a Behind the Scenes segment, Noah takes us through just how he found himself in this once-in-a-lifetime predicament. 


9. Anna Kendrick’s ‘Between the Scenes’ takeover 

The “Between the Scenes” segment of The Daily Show has become something special. Off the cuff, interesting and conversational, Noah engages his in studio audience on personal stories, the news and more. But not many know that it all started with actress Anna Kendrick.  


10. Greta Thunberg | Inspiring others to take a stand against climate change 

Noah is not only a skilled comedian. He is also an astute and empathetic interviewer who never ceases to add value to the conversation, ask thought-provoking questions and create an environment in which his guests — from the most famous actors in the world to the most celebrated activists — can let their guard down and be fully themselves. 

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