'How do I look?' host Roxy Burger names SA's worst fashion crimes

08 December 2017 - 00:00 By NOKUBONGA THUSI
Host Roxy Burger saw some shocking fashion crimes while filming 'How Do I Look? South Africa'.
Host Roxy Burger saw some shocking fashion crimes while filming 'How Do I Look? South Africa'.

Hooray! The local version of How Do I Look? has finally hit our screens. Fans of the international makeover show are relishing watching host Roxy Burger man the infamous eww tube as she and her glam squad help style-challenged locals reform their wardrobes each week.


We caught up with Burger to chat about the show, fashion crimes and more:

How does the local version of How Do I Look? differ to the international one?

It's the same format as the international show that you know and love, but we all know that one of the very important elements that make SA such a special place is South Africans. There's no one like us! Our stories, our personality, our vibrancy - it most definitely comes through in the 12 women we meet during the show. 

What was your most cringe-worthy moment while filming?

There were a few, but one unfortunate style-challenged lady was accidentally mistaken for a 'lady of the night' because of the way she dressed. Can you say too short and too tight? 

What are some of the most common fashion crimes contestants committed?

  • South Africans love flip flops. Flip flops are for the beach and next to the pool. NOT for weddings, work or dinners!
  • Wearing clothing that's the wrong size and fit - including the wrong bra. Having the right-sized bra on makes such a difference to the way your clothes look; it can change the entire silhouette of an outfit.   
  • Using the excuse "but I'm comfortable". No one said you couldn't be stylish and comfortable at the same time. That was the excuse nine times out of 10! 

Top style tips you've learnt on the show?

Don't be a slave to trends; just because something is big on the cat walks or in magazines doesn't mean it's for you. For instance, if you're short like me, trendy over-sized items can sometimes drown you.  

Also having your waistline visible, or cinched in some way, creates a more flattering silhouette. Very few people can pull off box tops or dresses. 

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