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How to stop your skin from drying out during a long flight

Do a little beauty prep before boarding your plane and you'll arrive at your destination with your skin feeling plump and refreshed

14 December 2017 - 00:00 By Mathahle Stofile
With the right prep, you can keep your skin looking fresh after a long haul flight.
With the right prep, you can keep your skin looking fresh after a long haul flight.
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Being inside an airplane at very high altitudes for hours on end can take its toll on the skin, draining it of its moisture and leaving it susceptible to tightness and fine lines.

There's a wide array of beauty products on the market that promise intense hydration. That said, while most of them do provide some form of hydration, it seems some don’t work so well on their own.

So if you want that mineral water face hydration spritz you've packed in your hand luggage to actually work, you need to make sure your skin is prepared to receive and lock in the moisture and hydration you seek to provide.

Do just that by following these five steps before boarding your flight:

1. Cleanse all impurities with a deep cleanse. Massage the face all over with the cleanser suitable for your skin type before rinsing off.

2. Exfoliate all dead skin-cell build-up so product can penetrate better — your skin’s texture will feel much smoother. Exfoliation also increases the skin’s renewal process. For travel, exfoliating pads are preferable. And don’t forget to exfoliate your lips!

3. Protect your skin from all the infrared lighting in the plane, as well as free radicals, by using a good antioxidant.

4. Treat: Inject some intense moisture into your skin by using a hydrating serum. A serum has smaller molecules than a moisturiser, making it penetrate the skin more deeply.

Use what’s left of the product in your palms to rub into the back of your hands and fingers. Hands are one of the first parts of our bodies to show signs of ageing - and are also prone to drying out during a long flight - so treat them as you do your face.

5. Moisture: Protect your skin’s barrier and provide additional moisture by applying a cream or lotion suitable for your skin type.

Then once on-board stay hydrated from the inside by drinking lots of water - this is crucial! 

This article is adapted from one originally published in Sunday Times The Edit Spring/Summer Holiday '16, a magazine sent out to select subscribers.