Five fresh haircuts to try this season: Part 1

Maintain your trendy haircut and grooming routine with these styling tools, shavers and beard kits

30 May 2018 - 15:18

Few haircuts should be attempted without the help or guidance of a professional, but once you have the cut or style you desire, it will become essential to own the following styling tools to maintain the look at home.

The flat top of box fade

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This haircut never loses its cool factor. With a rectangular flat top or deck and a high-skin fade on the sides, this is the haircut that defined the look of the golden era of hip-hop in the mid-1980s and which was made fashionable again by NBA players.

For a fresh spin on this cult cut, try going for a cut that's wider at the top or add a daring deep blue or green rinse or dye.

Who’s known for rocking it: AKA, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Usher

What you’ll need:
Essentials Styling Afro Comb, R22.99 
Hask Clarifying Conditioner Charcoal for colour-treated hair, R149 

Flat top dreads/dreads with shaved sides

Skills from the young g @dailymarvin

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If you and your dreads are feeling stuck in the Nineties, to achieve this style, try shaving the sides of your head and cutting the dreadlocks flat on the top.
For a more dramatic look, shave your head on either side and style by pulling your locks forward, or tie them into a dishevelled bun.  

Who’s known for rocking it: Ferrari Sheppard, Jaden Smith

What you’ll need:
Remington Titanium Hair Clipper, R449 
Sorbet Man Beard Oil, R159 

Remington Titanium Hair Clipper
Remington Titanium Hair Clipper
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The short military cut/induction cut

Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest
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Performed within minutes of arrival at bootcamp, this haircut originated as a rite of passage for male US army recruits. It is said that it is used as a way of mentally shocking recruits into quickly accepting and adapting to their new way of life as a member of the armed forces with its rigid rules and regulations.

Described as the shortest possible style you can achieve without using a razor, according to Men’s Hairstylists, you’ll need to remove the guard from your clippers to get that extremely close shave. To add a bit of interest to this otherwise safe but fresh haircut, add a part line. And do make sure to keep your facial hair and skin cleansed and buffed to complement your clean-shaven look.

Who’s known for rocking it: Cassper Nyovest, Zayn Malik, Riky Rick, Wentworth Miller

What you’ll need:
Remington Personal Groom Kit, R519 
Remington Recharge Facial Brush, R400 

The buzzcut

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The buzzcut doesn’t need much explanation, mainly because it’s a style that suits most face shapes. If you are self-conscious about any part of your face or head, consider a longer buzz cut or even a crew cut. And if you’re sporting a beard or any other facial hair, make sure its length matches that of the hair.

Who’s known for rocking it: Idris Elba, David Beckham

What you’ll need:
Remington Apprentice Hair clipper, R269 
Remington Beard Kit, R749 

Remington Beard Kit
Remington Beard Kit
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The undercut bomber

Using clippers, the back and sides are closely shaved and the top of the hair is left for you to style with a flourish or snip ever so slightly for a neater, more shapely look. The hairstyle is all about contrasting lengths – a big top vs shorter sides – and apparently comes in handy for stylishly and casually concealing receding hairlines and patches of thin hair.

Hairgum Road baume coiffant
Hairgum Road baume coiffant
Image: Supplied/Clicks

Before heading out, make sure you feature a deep, hard parting and use a little pomade for a bit of a glossy finish. 

Who’s known for rocking it: Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber, Adam Levine, Zac Efron. Scarlett Johansson, Cara Delevingne and Cassie are also fans of this style.

What you'll need:
Hairgum Vanilla Pomade, R199 

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