Holiday-proof your veggie patch: 7 tasks to do before going away

03 December 2016 - 13:57 By Roberta Thatcher

For people who are going away, Caro Tapson of Seedling Stokvel shares some prep tips that can be done early in the month to avoid returning to a chaotic garden

1) Get your mulching sorted. Covering your soil with a layer of mulch will help keep water locked in.


2) Stake and prune tomatoes, cucumber, beans, and any growing vines, as well as plants with heavy produce, such as aubergines. This is essential to prevent plants collapsing under the weight of new fruit.

3) If you are going away, don't plant new seedlings or seeds.

4) If you have lawn, make sure the edges are well managed to prevent grass running into your vegetable beds.

5) Give plants a good solid feed as they are hungry at the height of the growing period.

6) Feed all your fruiting trees.

7) If you have trees that will fruit while you're away, cover parts with a protective net so that the birds don't eat it all.

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