World's most expensive hotel suite costs R1m a night

20 July 2018 - 14:06
Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson.
Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson.
Image: Marriott International

One night in the world's most expensive hotel suite will set you back an eye-popping, outrageous, some might say outlandish $80,000 (R1.07-million) a night.  

In Elite Traveler's list of Top 100 Suites 2018, Hotel President Wilson in Geneva takes the title of world's most exorbitantly expensive suite for its Royal Penthouse Suite, a 12-bedroom apartment that takes up the entirety of the hotel's eighth floor. 

At 1,680 square meters, it's also the largest hotel suite in Europe. 

The suite has hosted everyone from Michael Jackson, Richard Branson, Rihanna, Bill Gates, Matt Damon and Michael Douglas. 

So what do you get for $80,000? It's in the details. 

For the VIP guests, including heads of state, the suite has been designed to provide maximum security with bulletproof windows, a panic button, private elevator and reinforced safe. For musical guests, it comes with a Steinway grand piano, and for bookworms, a collection of antique books. 

The dining room at Hotel President Wilson's Royal Penthouse Suite.
The dining room at Hotel President Wilson's Royal Penthouse Suite.
Image: Courtesy of Elite Traveler

All 12 bedrooms are also accompanied by their own marble bathrooms, which are kitted out with Hermès amenities. 

The suite itself also offers sweeping, panoramic views of its waterfront location, along with Mont-Blanc in the distance. 

It goes without saying that at $80,000, the suite also comes with a personal chef, butler and security team. 

Meanwhile, the list of the world's most expensive hotel suites is mostly represented by properties in the US and Europe. 

Rounding out the podium is the five-bedroom Terrace Suite in New York's The Mark hotel at $75,000, and the Penthouse Suite at the Grand Hyatt in Cannes, France, which costs $53,200. 

Here are the cities and countries that host some of the most extravagantly priced hotel suites in the world: 

  1. Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland Royal Penthouse Suite, $80,000 (R1.07-million)
  2. The Mark, New York, USA Terrace Suite, $75,000 (R1.01-million)
  3. Hotel Martinez by Hyatt, Cannes, France Penthouse Suite, $53,200 
  4. Faena Hotel, Miami, USA Penthouse, $50,000 (R674,000)
  5. Laucala Island, Fiji Hilltop villa, $45,000 (R606,000)
  6. Hotel Mansour, Marrakech Grand Riad, $43,480 (R586,000)
  7. Hotel Cala Di Volpe, Sardinia, Italy Penthouse suite, $41,177 (R555,000)
  8. The Plaza, New York, USA Royal Suite, $40,000 (R539,000)
  9. Hotel de Paris, Monaco Princess Grace Suite, $37,000 (R499,000)
  10. Mandarin Oriental New York, New York Suite 5000, $36,000 (R485,000)