Is Cassper broke shaming or inspiring with his tweets about money?

07 March 2018 - 13:05 By Kyle Zeeman
Cassper was dragged for tweeting about money.
Cassper was dragged for tweeting about money.
Image: Via Cassper's Instagram

When he isn't telling people he is broke, he is preaching that money makes life easier. What exactly is Cassper really trying to say about money?

Fans dragged the star for "bragging" about his money just last month, after he encouraged them to travel more, and he seemed to stir the pot again this week when he went onto his Twitter page to teach followers about the power of money to run the world.

While fans debated whether money was evil or not, others just couldn't relate and claimed he was idolising money while so many were without.

You see, Cassper never misses a chance to talk about his financial status. Just last week on radio he joined in a conversation about the latest World Cup by recounting how he was too broke to attend the tournament held in South Africa eight years ago.

He also famously told the nation how he couldn't even afford to pay his team and wanted to sell his cars because of the coins he was dropping for his Fill Up FNB Stadium show. As soon as the show was over, he returned to talking about how amazing money was.

But Cassper's rise from the hood to the rich list has also inspired others to push for their dreams. Fans of the rapper often flood his timeline with messages telling him that he inspires them.

Others have defended his flashy lifestyle, saying he had the right to show off his money to teach others that they can also achieve their goals and beat poverty.

How does Cassper's comments about money make you feel? More broke or more inspired?