Twitter asks The Queen's Kea: Girl why aren't you running?

20 March 2018 - 09:57 By Chrizelda Kekana
Dineo Moeketsi plays the role of Kea Khoza on The Queen.
Dineo Moeketsi plays the role of Kea Khoza on The Queen.
Image: Via Twitter/Ferguson Films

Dineo Moeketsi has advised her followers that her current storyline in The Queen hopes to cast the spotlight on another form of abuse women subject themselves to in the name of status quo.

Kea Khoza, Dineo's character, has had two failed marriages and finally found herself a man who charmed both her and the viewers at first sight.

Tebogo Ncube (played Fezile Makhanya) is a successful, handsome man who as it turned out has abusive tendencies and deeper seated issues with power.

After manhandling Kea for paying their food bill at a restaurant, he proceeded to apologise with a Maserati...

Taking to Twitter as Tebogo's true colours slowly show themselves, Dineo explained that the storyline was meant to make women see that it's not just money that makes women stay in potentially dangerous and toxic relationships.

Dineo interacted with some of her followers who shared that they had been in similar abusive relationships.

However, Twitter can smell abusive men from far and warned Kea long before Tebogo began peeling off his "perfect" layer.

As it stands, Twitter seems to be a better judge of character than Kea. For instance they know:

1. Tebogo's ex didn't just "fall" from the balcony.

2. That Maserati is a metaphor for an ending similar to the one in the picture provided below:

Now, since Kea is a fictional character and can't really heed Twitter's advice, all they can do is panic on her behalf.

Of course the memes were lit!

Meanwhile all Twitter wants is for Kea to say the following to Tebogo: 'Voetsek! voetsek!'