5 seconds with The Soil that will school you on a few things

The group is one of the coolest in the music business and we about to tell you why!

25 March 2018 - 13:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
This trio is not only music goals but friendship, style and joy goals.
This trio is not only music goals but friendship, style and joy goals.
Image: Via Instagram/The soil music

The Soil has given us music for all kinds of moods: from joy to sorrow and everything in between, their group dynamic always makes us wish we could join them.

The trio coined their own genre in music and Mzansi fell in love. They described to TshisaLIVE what their sound is about.

"Kasi Soul is a mixture of different influences from the hood. Soweto is where we were born, so we then encapsulated this sound under the umbrella of soul music."

The group is made up of Buhlebendalo "Soil Sister" Mda, Ntsika "Fana-tastic" Ngxanga and Luphindo "Master P" Ngxanga.

Although they still can't pick one absolute fave song from their impressive repertoire, Buhle said  Uhuru and Mama ndiyahamba had a lot of sentimental value for her.

The group, who will be at the Cape Town Jazz Festival on March 23 and 24, said all they hoped was to leave a legacy as a group that gives people a sense of pride in who they are.

"We hope for our legacy to be a sense of pride in one's self; to be whatever you were designed to be, and to be an example that your background doesn't determine your destiny."

TshisaLIVE's  always got you covered with the inside info, so bamba la:

1. Who has been responsible for your iconic choreography?

Masta P. He's the Timberland and Michael Jackson of the band, he enjoys dancing and I guess we just feed off of him.

2. Who eats the most?

Ha ha ha! Tricky. I think it's Phindo😂

3. Who's the troublemaker?

It depends what kind of trouble it is... 😂 Buhle.

All you have to do is follow @sis_getty on Instagram to know just what kind of trouble Buhle is famous for. Lol!

Asseblief! Ningazodlala Kabi.

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4. Who is the most stylish?

We all are in our own special way, but a person who is always detailed is Ntsika.

5. How would you describe The Soil to a 10-year-old.

The Soil is that group that was featured in a Cardbury ad😂

*ohhhh clever, kids love chocolate*

Dairy Milk - Joy ad Ft The Soil