DJ Sbu creates academy that caters to Mzansi's hustlers & it's FAYA!

Do you have what it takes to be a Hustler Academy graduate?

13 May 2018 - 12:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
DJ Sbu is tired of watching wasted potential in the townships.
DJ Sbu is tired of watching wasted potential in the townships.
Image: Via Instagram

DJ Sbu thinks it's about damn time the SA education system stops imitating the rest of the world and starts creating a syllabus suited to Mzansi. And he's taken the first step through his Hustlers Academy.

While there is a lot of thought and planning that went into the creation of this academy, DJ Sbu cut straight to the point when he explained the vision behind the academy to TshisaLIVE.

First of all, DJ Sbu wanted to get this out of the way: if you suffer from "abantu bazothini syndrome" this academy is NOT for you.

So what exactly is Hustlers Academy?

It's an institution that intends to develop the minds and the entrepreneur laying dormant in thousands of young hustlers in SA by teaching them how to make money.

DJ Sbu  with the 3Sixty Financial Services Group (360 FSG) to start the project because he feels the current SA education system is outdated.

"I will use a system of 'how to sell' that I was taught and have practised and modified. I have partnered with 360 FSG and these students will use what I have taught them to sell their policies and make money for themselves. I get my school and teach, 360 FSG gets their policies sold and the young people get a stipend and acquire a skill that will change their lives. It's a win-win."

Now, if you forget everything written here, at least remember this:

DJ Sbu wants to make you a millionaire.

How? Well, he explained it this way:

I can teach you how to make money. I've sold everything.

Will there be classes at in Johannesburg Bree Street or some highway?

Yes, of course. There will some unorthodox methods so expect anything.

Who qualifies to be a scholar?

Anyone with grade 12 and a good CV. You can apply through their website.

What's the number one quality DJ Sbu is looking for?

Hard work. This academy will not work for lazy people, this education is action fuelled.  #NoVilaphing

Is there a certificate of some sort after you are done?

No. Those who pass won't need certificates because they'll have money or at least the how-to-make money skills.

DJ Sbu explained that the one skill that changed his life was learning the art of selling.

He explained that if your learnt how to sell, whether it's a policy or a calculator, you would have no problem selling your brand and even creating other brands.

"Young people want and need money. That is the bottom line. Since the government isn't exactly winning and the education system still only wants to create employees that chase salaries, we will change SA ourselves. One hustler at a time."

Halala! DJ Sbu, go on and do your part the world is watching!