Jackie Phamotse 'seeking legal advice' over sex tape charges by Bassie & Romeo Kumalo

18 June 2018 - 12:17 By Chrizelda Kekana
SA power couple Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo have put sex tape rumours on blast.
SA power couple Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo have put sex tape rumours on blast.
Image: Media 24/ Gallo Images/ True Love/Nick Boulton

Author Jackie Phamotse has turned to her legal team after power couple Basetsana and Romeo Kumalo laid criminal charges against her over a tweet alleging that the businessman was implicated in a sex tape. 

Two weeks ago Jackie sent Twitter into a frenzy with claims that a "media mogul" and her husband were allegedly caught in a gay sex tape. Even though Jackie did not name anyone in the Twitter post, speculation spread like wild fire, with Basetsana and Romeo's names being thrown into the fiasco. 

Basetsana and Romeo released a joint statement on Saturday, labeling the allegations "salacious".

Jackie told TshisaLIVE that her legal team was looking into the statement because at the moment they were yet to receive anything from the Kumalo's legal team.

"My legal team is evaluating the legalities of their statement, we will respond when we receive word from their legal team. We haven’t received anything at the current moment. Unfortunately I am not responding to anything further," said Jackie.

In their lengthy statement shared on social media, Bassie and Romeo slammed the allegations.

"We issue this statement in response to those false and defamatory allegations. The allegations allude to a sex tape which does not exist. The source of the allegations is an author whom we have never met, spoken to or had any dealings with," their statement began.

"We can only deduce for reasons which remain unclear, that the motivation behind these unfounded and salacious rumours was nothing but pure malice, and perhaps an attempt by the author to create publicity and boost her book sales.

The statement went on to add that the damage caused to them and their children were immeasurable. 

"The malicious spreading of fictious rumours has caused enormous harm to our children - who we have always tried to keep out of the public spotlight." 

Read the rest of the statement below: