Jay Anstey doesn't mind being excluded from the 'VIP' celeb club

24 June 2018 - 10:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Jay Anstey says she's not boring, she's just not a celebrity.
Jay Anstey says she's not boring, she's just not a celebrity.
Image: Via Jay Anstey/Instagram

"Normal doesn't mean boring" - a motto actress Jay Anstey lives by with perfect bliss.

Jay may flutter in and out of the spotlight but told TshisaLIVE she didn't mind not being part of the cool kids of showbiz squad because she was just an actress and not a celeb.

"I'm like one of the most normal people you'll ever meet. I don't see myself as a celebrity so I don't live like one. Celebrities really hype themselves up and I know a lot of them who think they are better and treat other people like they are less. I never want to be part of that."

Jay said she still pretty much kept to a normal routine and still did normal chores, like cooking and cleaning.

She said her mentality is partly why, after her public break up with Jonathan Boynton-Lee, she didn't bother "speaking about it".

"I don't understand how people and the media will expect you to answer things about your life that you won't even share with your best friends on some occasion. So I like to keep my things to myself and I am happy (with that)."

The actress who plays the lead role in the upcoming local flick Farewell Ellabella alongside Sello Maake ka-Ncube, also spoke about assumptions that she was a model.

"I'm not a model and have never thought about becoming one. I just don't think I would ever get enough money to do that as a career. It wouldn't give me as much joy. I also don't think I could handle being on "display" in that way, to a point where you are objectified."

She does love pictures though, and she looks great in them.

Here's a couple of our favs.

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