Skeem Saam's Mort: I always get asked how I'm gonna deal with Alexos

03 July 2018 - 07:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Mortimer Williams plays the role of detective Petersen on 'Skeem Saam'.
Mortimer Williams plays the role of detective Petersen on 'Skeem Saam'.
Image: Via Skeem Saam Twitter

Veteran actor Mortimer Williams can hardly walk down the street without people stopping him to ask how his character on popular soapie Skeem Saam, detective Petersen is going to deal with troublemaker Alexos.

Mortimer's character has been labelled as weak by fans for not dealing decisively with the international assassin, but he laughs off suggestions that he is useless.

"It's not weakness. He is being cautious. He has solved crimes before and he wants to make sure everything goes well. I think people get impatient with him but he is being cautious, not weak."

Mortimer said that most encounters with fans lately was like an interrogation session.

"People will stop me and say: 'Petersen! What are you going to do with Alexos? Why don't you get Malebana on the case? I just laugh it off and tell them to wait and see."

We're waiting here like...

"But police are all useless"

He said the last thing he wanted was for the SAPS to get a bad name because of his character and often defends them in the face of criticism from fans.

"I hear people saying that this story is typical of police but I have worked with police and they are often super stressed and understaffed. It is very difficult. People get so absorbed by the story but they must realise that it is not real life."

Mortimer has been in the industry for 25 years and said the biggest lesson he had learnt was to be humble.

"Know who you are. Know where you are going. Don't try and impress and don't chase the money. Let the money chase after you."