LOL! Alcohol can save lives - well, according to The Queen's Brutus!

Brutus thinks he survived food poisoning because he had alcohol in his system. Twitter is here for that theory!

13 July 2018 - 06:56 By Chrizelda Kekana
The Queen's Brutus (played by Themba Ndaba) loves his booze.
The Queen's Brutus (played by Themba Ndaba) loves his booze.
Image: Via YouTube/ The Queen

Just when you thought The Queen's Brutus will lose points with viewers, he goes and declares alcohol a life saver and the one thing that can fix everything under the sun.  So Twitter just promoted him to president of the favourite TV uncles!

Brutus, who everyone knows loves his food almost as much as he loves his alcohol, ate a few bites of food poisoned by the Khoza cook. The cooked was manipulated by Goodness as part of the Mabuza scheme to end the Khozas.

This was Brutus on Wednesday night.

He was taken to hospital, where they found that the poison didn't really do major damage. The doctor also mentioned that the amount of alcohol in Brutus' system may have decreased the effect of the poison.

So Brutus has now concluded that it was alcohol that saved his life from the full effects of the poison he allegedly ingested.

Twitter just took the theory and ran with it! Lol!

Just by the way,The Queen is fiction neh? Alcohol remains a dangerous substance y'all...

Just saying!