Malcolm X to donate R10k to gogo 'humiliated' by video of her eating ice cream with bread

14 August 2018 - 13:07 By Kyle Zeeman
Malcolm X is giving R10k to a gogo who went viral for eating ice cream with bread.
Malcolm X is giving R10k to a gogo who went viral for eating ice cream with bread.
Image: Via Malcolm X's Instagram

The people's blesser and businessman, Malcolm X, will donate R10k to a gogo who has been "humiliated" by a video of her eating ice cream with bread, which has gone viral on social media.

The video, which was shared across social media and WhatsApp groups this week, shows a granny eating a ice cream before she reached into her pocket and grabbed bread to dip into the ice cream. 

Malcolm said he came across the video after it was shared on a WhatsApp group he was a part of and was immediately horrified by the amount of people making fun of it.

"It is humiliating. She is humiliated. Her children are humiliated. This poor woman only had bread and when she got to town the cheapest thing she could buy to go with the bread was ice cream. The person who was filming the video should have been the first person to help her, not laugh in the background. The people who are mocking her are not offering to help her."

Malcolm immediately put his feelers out to try to find the woman and was told she lived in Giyani, Limpopo.

He said that with R10k in hand, after assistance from another donor, he would visit the gogo this week and make sure she can buy groceries for herself and children.

"I also spoke to her son. I want to speak to him about what he can do to further himself. If he must go back to school or get some kind of qualification to look after his mother. So that his mother will not eat ice cream with bread again".

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