K.O claps back after tweep claims the muso 'begged' to be snapped with him

13 October 2018 - 14:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Rapper K.O gave a spicy clap to a tweep who said he "begged" for a picture with him.
Rapper K.O gave a spicy clap to a tweep who said he "begged" for a picture with him.
Image: Instagram/K.O

Y'all are really wilding out on these social media streets hey?

Two people calling themselves @AfroSoundMusic uploaded a picture of themselves on Twitter and Facebook with rapper K.O sandwiched in the middle along with claims that the rapper wanted a picture with them.

The tweeps claimed the Skhanda Love rapper came over to their table and asked to a have a photo taken with them!

Because... well they are a big deal. 

Anyway... needless to say K.O's fans and the man himself were surprised by the claim, especially considering how "uninterested" K.O looked in the picture.

The rapper saw the snap and told them to be careful not to  "get a cramp" from all that reaching! Lol!

His fans went on to ask the obviously unknown pair how and why K.O would take time out of his very busy schedule to ask them for a picture. When they didn't answer, it quickly became clear that the caption was for likes and retweets.

However, K.O still came for them using the opportunity to point out that people always come for them when they decline a selfie/picture request but sometimes they will be trying to avoid such things...

K.O also learnt a lesson from the debacle.

So thank you guys...

Next time K.O says no to other kid's picture request... we will know who to attribute that to... *sigh*