WATCH | LOL! Carpo says he taught Chad Le Clos how to swim

13 October 2018 - 07:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Carpo is such a fun vibe that whatever he does just hooks viewers.
Carpo is such a fun vibe that whatever he does just hooks viewers.
Image: Via Instagram

There's a lot of things we've seen Cassper's bestie Carpo do (and some not so successful like his vosho) but he never gives up, like that time he and long-time buddy Tol Ass Mo decided to tackle swimming.

Yes. Like swimming in an actual pool, with actual water.

And hold on for the best part...

According to Carpo, he's the one that taught Chad Le Clos how to do the right thing in the pool.

"Me and Chad Le Clos, we used to be best friend. I taught him how to do the swimming, the diving, and everything.. You can ask him about me," Carpo said.

Tol Ass Mo went on to explain how he owed his, uh, flourishing swimming career to Carpo.

"Waskom was never enough space for me to show my true potential but Carpo took me in and brought me to a real swimming pool for me to now swim like an expert, thank you Carpo," Mo says with a serious face.

While it's obvious that Carpo and Tol Ass Mo are doing the most to ensure that people don't forget to make another one of Cassper's dreams of filling up Moses Mabhida Stadium come to life, fans don't seem to mind because their crazy antics are entertaining AF.

Just check the poses and how there's, uh, no actually swimming involved here. Maybe it will be in part two?