WATCH | Weird dance moves & stank face: Mlindo's music video is a vibe!

30 November 2018 - 11:09 By Chrizelda Kekana
Mlindo has released his music video for his song Macala.
Mlindo has released his music video for his song Macala.
Image: Instagram/Mlindo

Mlindo and crew did a good job of putting a vibe into visuals for his Macala music video and fans will love the little jewels that scream Dezemba. 

A part from the song, which features Kwesta and Thabsie being a summer hit, Twitter loved the bits of kasi culture that came through in the music video. Everything from the location, to the cars featured in it were just right for the track.

Side note: It might only be us but Mlindo's dance moves and facial expressions were also so much fun to watch. We can't figure out if they remind us of the granny church dance to Oh Msindisi or passionate deep house fans dancing at a deep house session... or it's that dance you do when you should have been down and out after a long night at the tavern but the music won't let you sit. Either way, it's also such a vibe!

Also... doesn't Kwesta's face in this below screenshot just scream Dezemba?

Yeah that's exactly how tweeps felt about Kwesta's presence in the video, he was just a mood and they were so here for that.

Tweeps are convinced Thabsie's vocals can heal you from an illness and she (and her pink braids) were highlights of the video as well!

Watch the music video below.

The verdict? Issa whooping yes from Mlindo's ever-growing fan base!