Five of the spiciest clapbacks in 2018

31 December 2018 - 09:00 By Ntokozo Miya
Social media is a battlefield where celebrities often fight it out, and 2018 was no different.
Social media is a battlefield where celebrities often fight it out, and 2018 was no different.

Social media has always been a battlefield, with endless twars between celebrities. This year, there was no shortage of online spats on Twitter.

These are five of the spiciest clapbacks we saw in 2018.

Bonang Matheba vs Phil Mphela 

Media darling Bonang Matheba is seldom without a comeback to attacks on social media, even in the days when she employed the standard hater response of, “Kill them with a smile and silence”.

Blogger Phil Mphela was on the receiving end of Matheba’s sting when he raised her issues with the taxman.

Matheba tweeted back: “You’re a parasite. A scum bag. A disgusting example of the filth I have to deal with on a daily basis. You know nothing about the industry you claim to work in... Die slow! Your mess ends today!”

That tweet, like most juicy ones posted in anger, was later deleted, but the memory of that clapback lives on for fans of Matheba.

Magda Wierzycka vs black Twitter

Billionaire Magda Wierzycka was not ready for the wrath of black Twitter when she posted: “I often get asked, how can I help SA? Our biggest challenge = job creation. A thought: let every household employ just 1 more cleaning lady or gardener. Just 1. I know it’s a financial sacrifice. But we all need to sacrifice if we are to save SA. Imagine the impact.”

Wierzycka would later delete the tweet, but not before Nomboniso Gasa’s sarcastic comeback.

Cassper Nyovest vs AKA

The feud between rappers Cassper Nyovest and AKA is no secret and it reared its head on several occasions in 2018.

In what was probably one of their more memorable twars, they didn’t call each other by name, but social media knew exactly who the shots were being fired at.

The tension was sparked by the extent to which sponsors were investing in the rappers as brand ambassadors.

Following Nyovest’s Milan trip with Ciroc, AKA tweeted this spice: “What a damn shame! These other brands will fly you half way around the world for you to take photos next to people who don’t care about you, instead of them giving you a slice of their business... what a scam.”

But Cassper was unfazed.

Malusi Gigaba vs Redi Tlhabi

This twar will not only be remembered for all its shade, but also for the fact that it went on for weeks. Even lawyers became involved.

Journalist Reid Tlhabi accused the former home affairs minister of changing international travel requirements for children due to a personal vendetta, which Gigaba denied.

That didn’t stop Tlhabi from hinting that the minister was “crying wolf”.

Uyanda Mbuli vs Anele Mdoda

In what was really a misunderstanding around the mental-health discussion, Uyanda Mbuli and Anele Mdoda took the gloves off and went at each other. 

Mbuli tweeted that she had been a mental-health activist since the age of 23. Mdoda felt the post was unnecessary and tweeted as much. 

More than anything, Mbuli’s comeback was more of a surprise that Mdoda had an opinion of her tweets, considering Mdoda had never said much to Mbuli previously.