3 times English showed us flames in 2018

05 January 2019 - 12:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Live television showed UDM president Bantu Holomisa flames.
Live television showed UDM president Bantu Holomisa flames.
Image: Gallo Images / Foto24 / Mary-Ann Palmer

If there's one thing Papa Penny and Somizi have taught us really well is that English ain't ours... it came here by boat and sometimes the data depletes without warning and even though that is okay... it's still hilarious AF!

It must be noted that nobody here is saying, English means intelligence (because that certainly ain't true) but also as long as you are going to speak it, you should know that there's a right way to speak it.

We don't always get it right and when we don't, we kill it for real, which is why we've decided to remind you of some of the moments where we totally disrespected the queen's language.

Bantu Holomisa

This was a technical problem and the live TV set up messed up with honourable Holomisa. However... that fish fam, hai no no no!

IT Chief officer at SARS, Mmamathe Makhekhe-Mokhuane

That iconic "protect me from yourself" moment. We heard what she was saying okay... but the people that came up with English learnt something new for sure.

Monica and Nhlonipho Simelane's people

When the word "appreciation" beat up our sister... or that time one of the groom's besties figured he was a preacher and jumped on the mic for a moment to declare the couple husband and wife.

But he struggled with the word "announcing" and the people were howling.

What a joy it is to live in SA. May this English continue to be nyisa'd even in 2018.