IN MEMES | Tweeps feel Ufelani actors did a bad job of showing abuse last night

24 January 2019 - 10:01 By Chrizelda Kekana
'Ufelani' highlighted the scourge of woman abuse.
'Ufelani' highlighted the scourge of woman abuse.
Image: 123rf/ Siam Pukkato

While the seriousness of the stories told and dramatised on Ufelani can never be mocked, tweeps found an "escape" on last night's episode by blaming the actors for not showing enough emotion.

The show tells the stories of abuse victims through getting actors to act out what happened to them as their relatives tell the story. Last night viewers were introduced to Denel's family, as they explained how Zane turned into a monster.

Denel's fairytale relationship with Zane went sour when he started to regularly assault her. She ignored her family's advice to leave him and eventually died.

Tweeps felt the actors did a horrible job of showing the real pain of the story and they just didn't believe their acting. So they went in with the memes.