WATCH | Unathi issa beast in the gym - girl's got stamina for days!

10 February 2019 - 14:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Unathi is #fitnessgoals for many people.
Unathi is #fitnessgoals for many people.
Image: Instagram/Unathi.Africa

If the thought of doing ten sit-ups and ten push-ups exhausts you, then you can't gym with Unathi Msengana, because the sexy mama is a beast in the gym!

The media personality's fitness has inspired many to get off their couches and hit the gym. And the more she posts her gym sessions, it gets easier to see why.

In her latest gym inspiration video, Unathi showed her fans some of the sets she pulls off in the gym. Unathi's stamina is hella impressive.

We mean, how did she do all that and live the tell the story? We died just watching her ride an imaginary bicycle!

Watch her do her thing below:

Speaking of beats, she took to Instagram to thank all the naysayers whom she says have pushed her to do better.

"If you’ve ever been mean to me, thank you. I see your face and call you by name. Every time I’m told to punch something in class. Thank you for my tummy that’s coming along. Thank you for my arms and my thigh gap and potris. I see you and want to work harder. Thank you."

Check her out sweating it out.