Nasty C slams older generation: Y’all are responsible for this sh*t

02 July 2019 - 08:00 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Nasty C called out the older generation for slacking on parenting.
Nasty C called out the older generation for slacking on parenting.
Image: Instagram/Nasty C

It is unclear which "old" people or who's parents pissed off rapper Nasty C but when he decided to blow off some steam, the rapper didn't hold anything back as he told his previous generation to pull up their socks and do better.

The rapper ranted on Twitter in a series of tweets where he explained that he thinks the generation before his messed up the youngins and don't seem to know how to rectify the issue.

His tweets seem to have been inspired by the suicide and cyberbullying discussions that dominated the TL over the weekend.

"Generation before mine let their kids bully others on the internet and push them to commit suicide. The generation before mine made up excuses for not being on social media even if it meant leaving their kids on here against a bunch of hateful ppl and no guidance or protection," he began.

Nasty went on to add that there were a couple of factors that went into explaining how the generation before his is solely responsible for the "messed up" state of the current crop of young people.

Including the "fact" that according to the rapper, the previous generation did (and are still doing) a horrible job at parenting.

Nasty C slammed this older generation for getting rid of corporal punishment, letting their children control them and not caring enough to educate themselves about social media, among other things.

"Stop pointing fingers at the damned. The problem is the ones that damned them. Y’all responsible for this shit coz y’all not paying attention!"

Read the rest of the fiery thread below.