IN MEMES | 'Shabangu is really a crook'- Heartbroken gogo duped by fake sangoma

13 August 2019 - 13:00 By Masego Seemela
Bishop Makamu is the host of 'Rea Tsotella'.
Bishop Makamu is the host of 'Rea Tsotella'.
Image: Supplied/ Moja Love

Yoh! Monday night's episode of Rea Tsotella had social media in all sorts of emotions after a gogo was allegedly defrauded by a fake sangoma. 

Speaking on the show,  the woman was in tears as she explained to Bishop Makamu how she gave the alleged fake healer, Shabangu, all her money. 

This led to her family being without food and her children walking to school barefoot.

She explained that Shabangu lied to her saying that she had a "calling" to become a traditional healer. 

"I kept coughing up money, even though it wasn't a lot. My kids were starving,  lacking food and going to school barefoot. Whilst I gave my money to the healer for nothing!"

With the audience backing her, gogo furiously asked Shabangu why he misled her about her "calling".

She also added that she received bad treatment while she was going through the training. 

"Your wife mistreated me and made me eat food with phlegm in it, while I was paying R500 per month."

Shabangu tried to defend himself and denied any wrongdoing but Tweeps were not having any of it!

Here's what they had to say: