IN MEMES | 'Robocop is back': 'The Queen's' Jay is gone, fans happy to see Jerry return

23 August 2019 - 10:09 By Masego Seemela
Actor Shona Ferguson plays Jerry Maake in 'The Queen'.
Actor Shona Ferguson plays Jerry Maake in 'The Queen'.
Image: Via Mzansi Magic Twitter

Viewers of The Queen have had their prayers answered after the real Jerry Maake returned to 'his ol' self' on the hit drama series.

For weeks fans have had to deal with the reckless "hip-and-happening" Jay, who was Jerry's alter ego, who came to life after he experienced a near-death experience. 

Thursday night's dramatic episode not only brought Jerry back to his old self, but also saw him save Shaka and Brutus from being burnt alive by a mob.

Jay found himself in the midst of an angry community, who wanted to kill Shaka and Brutus for being the main drug suppliers for the 10 kids who overdosed on "coke" and died at Corner House. 

Led by Sixteen and Kop, the mob wanted justice for the teenagers. 

Looking confused and dazed by what was happening around him, Jay had a flashback to when he met Brutus and Shaka during his drug bust as the captain of Tembisa police station. 

This made him call on the angry mob to stop what they were doing. He told them they would go to jail if they killed Shaka and Brutus, leaving their children and families behind. 

Fortunately, the ring leaders listened and let go of Brutus and Shaka, who were later taken to hospital for treatment. 

The person who was most happy about 'Robocop's' return was his wife, Vee, who previously planned to move back home to the Eastern Cape. 

This sparked major reaction on the socials. Tweeps couldn't contain their excitement about Jerry's return.

This is what they had to say: