WATCH | Lady Zamar gets real about her skin: Hate can't make the acne disappear

03 September 2019 - 13:11 By Kyle Zeeman
Lady Zamar has spoken about her acne.
Lady Zamar has spoken about her acne.
Image: Via Lady Zamar's Instagram

Lady Zamar has opened up about her struggles with acne, telling followers that she is going through the most at the moment and is seeing a professional for treatment of the skin condition.

The star posted a video of herself with no makeup, while she rehearsed for an upcoming performance.

As questions came flooding in about her acne, the star explained that she decided to share the video because she was embracing her skin.

She added that she was seeing a skin doctor and was not taking any recommendations.

"I shared this video because my fans who are coming to The Parliament need to see what they're preparing to come watch. My acne is getting treated thank you very much and no makeup doesn't perpetuate it at all. I am seeing a dermatologist and no unfortunately I can’t try every product you amazing people suggest."

She said she was going though the most at the moment and hiding her acne was "too much admin".

Lady Zamar also addressed the hate she has been getting of late, saying that no amount of "disgust" could quicken the healing or make the acne disappear.

"Don’t worry about haters Zamartians. Don't worry about negativity because no matter what negative people say, or those who are disgusted, it can't quicken the process of healing or make the acne disappear. It takes time and it will be weeks and weeks before it disappears. Love you all, haters included."

The star's condition made headlines last month when a video of Babes Wodumo mocking her acne during an appearance on Idols SA went viral on social media.

“You're busy laughing at this child on Idols and your face is like this," Babes was heard saying on the video.