Emtee stepping away from solo career to focus on ATM

11 September 2019 - 08:00 By Masego Seemela
Emtee is no longer focusing on his solo career but African Trap Movement.
Emtee is no longer focusing on his solo career but African Trap Movement.
Image: Instagram/Emtee

Rapper Emtee has decided to step away from his solo career for a young minute and channel his focus on his company, African Trap Movement.

Emtee was candid in a balcony interview with SilkourOnLife recently and explained what his next step will be regarding his music career.

“During the time when a lot was being said about me, I tried to ignore what was going on and tried to focus on my gang for the time being. As it is my business, I want to get it up and running.” 

He explained that he figured that it was not as easy as he thought it would be and was going through the process of having to make sure that ATM becomes something tangible.

In August the rapper revealed that he had officially left Ambitiouz Entertainment after months of fighting between the label and his lawyers.

He took to Twitter and posted a full statement which explained why he decided to leave the label and the process he went through to be able to make a smooth exit.

He expressed that this was a decision he did not make lightly and without due consideration. “As a matter of fact, once the idea took root in my mind, my first reaction was to seek legal advice on my contractual obligations to the label if at all and secondly the steps that needed to be taken to do this, in the swiftest and amicable way possible.”

Since his departure, the star has been open to working with more artists, including those he had previously rumoured to be beefing with, like A-Reece.

He said his frustration with artists like A-Reece was that they left Ambitiouz allegedly without giving him a heads up.

“My frustration was just that these people left. It means that there's something they know that they didn’t tell us. So y’all are just leaving us here? I was just mad about that. I was like' if y'all gonna be like that, be like that," Emtee told Zkhiphani last month.