IN MEMES | Fans think everyone on last night's episode of 'Please Step In' needs counselling

11 September 2019 - 10:30 By Kyle Zeeman
Angie Diale is the host of 'Please Step In'.
Angie Diale is the host of 'Please Step In'.
Image: Via Mzansi Magic/Twitter

Patience is gatvol of her family always fighting and asked Sis Angie and the Please Step In team to help her put away all the bad spirits in her home.

Patience said her family has been going through the most lately and everyone in the home is blaming each other. Instead of communicating, they are shouting and “threatening” each other and it needs to stop.

“We don't get along as a family. If someone is wrong, we don't guide them and correct them with love, instead we disrespect him or her. That in turn makes the person angry and so we end up fighting,” Patience explained.

Sis Angie sat the whole family down and said it was clear that there was anger and hurt but it was at different levels and needed to stop.

She told the family to be more caring and considerate of each other. She also offered them counselling, so they could try to resolve all their pent-up issues.

Viewers took to social media to weigh in on the drama on screen and came to the conclusion that the whole family was broken.

They claimed that the issue was too big for one episode and deserved a whole season to try dissect.

Soon the TLs were filled with memes and messages about the show, making it one of the most talked about topics on Twitter.