OPINION | Why won't Twitter acknowledge that DJ Zinhle is more than AKA's girlfriend?

19 September 2019 - 07:12 By Cebelihle Bhengu
DJ Zinhle.
DJ Zinhle.
Image: DJ Zinhle via Instagram

DJ Zinhle has been a musician for 15 years. She has won numerous awards. She's also a businesswoman, author, reality TV show producer and ran an academy in SA where she groomed up-and-coming female DJs.

However, some choose to disregard her accomplishments and label her “the woman who gave AKA a second chance after he cheated on her publicly”.

Industry colleagues and Twitter need to respect DJ Zinhle. She's no “voice of pain” or “ambassador of forgiveness”, but an accomplished woman who chooses to love whoever she wants.

Without fail, Twitter reduces her to a decision she made regarding AKA, the father of her child. At the weekend, actor Jessica Nkosi was the talk of Twitter streets after she put an ex on blast for allegedly cheating on her. Somehow, DJ Zinhle was thrown into the mix and quickly made it to the top of Twitter's trends list all because, you guessed it, she took a man back.

One post read: “DJ Zinhle. Verb. Urban dictionary — a term used when taking your ex baby daddy back. E.g. will Jessica Nkosi pull a DJ Zinhle?” When others call out those posting tweets of this nature, the response often goes something like this, “Oh it's just a joke”. It's not. It's disregarding her accomplishments and reducing her to her relationships with men, specifically AKA.

People need to check themselves and their “jokes”.

They need to consider the implications of their words.

Another tweet that popped up while she was trending read: “Why is DJ Zinhle trending? Has she been cheated on again?”

Are Twitter users like this seeking relevance and retweets at someone else's expense? 

This type of behaviour sees patriarchy thrive. Zinhle being AKA's partner is an extension of who she is, not all she is.

Using Twitter to start progressive conversations may not get users the retweets and 15 minutes of fame they desire, but such conversations are worth associating Zinhle with. You won't be a troll. Think about it.