WATCH | Some veteran artists think they have made it: Scoop

18 October 2019 - 14:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Scoop Makhathini has been vocal about veteran hip-hop musicians.
Scoop Makhathini has been vocal about veteran hip-hop musicians.
Image: Instagram/ Scoop Makhathini

Scoop Makhathini has thrown shade at veteran hip-hop artists who think they have made it and don't "want to help" upcoming talent.

The radio host has been a vocal activist on all things hip-hop and called for greater unity in the game.

On the latest episode of his POPcast YouTube series he claimed the game had "reached a plateau" and artists needed to work together to reach the next level.

"Hip-hop artists are thinking of themselves as just an artist in hip-hop. They are not thinking about the whole culture. Bearing in mind that people have done a lot to make sure they have the platform that they have now and it seems like some of the veteran hip-hop artists are like 'I've got mine, these kids need to sort themselves out.' It's a big problem.”

He said that artists need to remember how they got to where they were before snubbing the younger generation.

"They got there through someone's sacrifice and making sure there is a playing field for them to work with. They should be making sure that the playing field is twice as large and yields twice as much. Then the older guys will say the young boys don't listen."

Scoop's comments come as Stilo Magolide told TshisaLIVE that amapiano was dominating the game because hip-hop artists were not working together.

"The difference between hip-hop and people from other genres is that they always mix and feature each other on songs. Whereas, in hip-hop, rappers feature their friends. That's why amapiano is killing the game. In hip-hop there is no unity." 

Scoop took to social media earlier this year to speak about artists "selling out" to big brands at the cost of their freedom to be creative.

"You sold the game out to these brands, now you can’t move freely and create, because you are owned by brands and not creativity. Everything you do looks contrived and controlled 'cause you gave up control of your art for money and flashy things. The price of a bag is heavy. Bag boys bag ladies.”