Mzansi can’t get enough of Khumo on Mo and Mome’s reality show

08 November 2019 - 14:00 By Kyle Zeeman
Khumo Mahlangu is a fav.
Khumo Mahlangu is a fav.
Image: Supplied.

Fans are ready to rebrand Toll Ass Mo and Mome's reality show the Khumo show after the couple's daughter stole the limelight again on Thursday night.

The comedian is on a mission to teach his daughter how to speak vernac but baby girl only knows how to sing Shesha.

It was hilarious but her pops wasn't impressed.

“OK. I wanted her to learn vernac but not that kind of vernac,” he told audiences.

Meanwhile, Khumo had her own grievances.

“He just treats me like I am still four. I am five. I just grew up.”

Khumo also wants to go to Hawaii and is not keen on the idea of holidaying in Durban.

“Nah. That is where you live, man,” she told her pops.

She later said that Mo should move to Durban if he even thinks of giving her toys away.

Fans of the show were in fits of laughter and flooded social media TLs with memes about the episode and Khumo's antics.