Inside AKA and Priddy Ugly’s spicy exchange over unity in the industry

08 November 2019 - 08:00 By Kyle Zeeman
AKA and Priddy Ugly debated the issue of unity in the hip-hop industry.
AKA and Priddy Ugly debated the issue of unity in the hip-hop industry.
Image: blaq_smith (AKA) & Gallo Images / Frennie Shivambu (Priddy Ugly)

Stans of rappers AKA and Priddy Ugly went into full-on battle mode after a fiery exchange between the two artists.

It all started when AKA responded to rapper Rouge declaring herself the best female MC in Mzansi, by saying that the first two females to have a “proper beef” would see their careers explode.

Take it from me, the first two female rappers to have a proper beef, diss tracks and all etc will elevate the game and elevate themselves above everybody else. Their careers will explode. Some advice, use it, don’t use it,” he wrote.

His comments sparked a massive debate, and soon Priddy Ugly was weighing in on it.

Priddy said he wished AKA had instead encouraged unity among female rappers and that the issue should be about talent not egos.

“I wish your tweet was about how females in general need to support and work together. Female rappers need to stand together and build, that way we form an industry full of talented female artists, not just 1 or 2 bickering over petty sh*t. This should be about talent and not ego,” he wrote.

He added that SA had just come “from a dark period” of femicide and women tearing each other down was the last thing the country needed.

We genuinely just came from a dark period in this country. Woman literally dying and yet what y’all want to see is woman battling each other and tearing each other down? We’ve become so desensitized that we are only entertained by negativity.”

AKA responded by saying beef was part of hip-hop and what the people wanted.

“Unity is not entertaining. The people want to be entertained. That’s what they pay for. Give it to them. This is the music business not crèche,” AKA wrote.

The Supa Mega also brought slips to prove that he was about unity and had brought the ladies together on his Baddest remix.

Priddy pointed out that AKA and Youngsta CPT had worked together for the game and said there was no need for “war” between artists.

I feel you bro. But check, you and Youngsta CPT didn’t have to battle it out to put on for all the coloured mense, y’all coming together and putting out heat is what is instilling that pride. That is hip-hop AF! No war needed at all and y’all get to trade and share bags now, win.”