Dineo Ranaka in spicy twar over former Eskom boss Matshela Koko

‘Regardless of his flaws, he is fit for the job. Fight not the man. Fight the game’

13 December 2019 - 09:00 By Masego Seemela
Dineo Ranaka goes to twar over former Eskom boss.
Dineo Ranaka goes to twar over former Eskom boss.
Image: Instagram/ Dineo Ranaka

Dineo Ranaka has come guns blazing to defend Eskom's former boss, Matshela Koko, against trolls who don't believe he did a good job as acting CEO.

The radio personality came under fire after she said during her Metro FM show that Koko was the right man for the job.

A listener took her frustrations beyond the airwaves and called Dineo out on Twitter, saying she agreed with a previous caller who said the right people needed to be appointed to positions.

“Dineo, I agree with your previous caller, we need to get the right people on the job. And can we please not praise Matshela Koko, he contributed to the collapse of Eskom. He gave contracts to his stepdaughter, and then said he knew nothing about it. He is not a hero!” the tweep wrote.

Feeling she was misunderstood, Dineo replied: “I’m completely aware of his flaws where that matter is concerned. Trust that contract was a billion too much! Reprimand him and put him on a tight leash. Micromanage him that the job is done. Regardless of his flaws, he is fit for the job. Fight not the man. Fight the game.”

Another tweep said Dineo needed to be educated on integrity and honesty.

But Dineo clapped back, saying she was not gullible and that SA could not deny that Koko was fit for the job and understood the product.

Another tweep joined the twar and called Dineo out for using Metro FM to promote the former CEO who, according to them, was not the right man for the position.

However, Dineo stuck to her initial statement and said that he was not the only leader without flaws.

“I’m not using any platform to promote him, I prefer him. And that is my opinion. I’m aware of his flaws and crookedness as with many current leaders with that institute.”

The tweep went on to say that Dineo's comment that Eskom should reinstate him at Eskom was irresponsible.

The radio star clapped back harder and said: “That remains an opinion, not a promotion. I prefer Machele Koko for leadership given his experience and Eskom business knowledge. And my opinion is that they should reinstate him. So I must be afraid to say that because you disagree? No sir. Not gonna happen.”