'Losing Lerato' creators won't let coronavirus stop them from taking the movie overseas

'Coronavirus or not we’re impacting economics around the world'

13 March 2020 - 08:00 By Masego Seemela
Kagiso Modupe and his daughter Tshimollo star in the hit movie, 'Losing Lerato'.
Kagiso Modupe and his daughter Tshimollo star in the hit movie, 'Losing Lerato'.
Image: Kagiso Modupe / Instagram

While coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), actor and film producer of Losing Lerato, Kagiso Modupe, will stop at nothing to promote the movie in America.

Earlier this week, Kagiso and the Losing Lerato team left Mzansi for the US to help promote the movie to reach an American audience.

Though the US is one of the nations hit by the Covid-19 virus, with a number of fatalities, Kagiso shared on Twitter that virus or no virus they were going to continue to promote their movie.

In a video he posted, Kagiso can be seen with one of the cast members, Thato Molamu, reiterating that they were in America to look for more partners who could support South African productions and expand their network.

He added to the video with a caption, saying, “Team Losing Lerato hard at work. Six international nominations. Coronavirus or not we’re impacting economies around the world, globe trotting, representing our country in world stages. Dankie mpilo.”

While airports are declared as risky areas, before jetting off to America, Kagiso posted a video of himself and fellow cast members who were in high spirits. 

“And we’re off, thank you for your love and support Mzansi.”

Though the team are driven to get their movie's name out in the US, they are also being cautious and protecting themselves from the virus.

On Monday, Kagiso posted another picture of them in Washington DC, wearing masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus.