Somizi is here for Black Coffee’s spicy clapbacks

15 May 2020 - 19:00 By Masego Seemela
Somizi is stanning over Black Coffee's spicy clapbacks.
Somizi is stanning over Black Coffee's spicy clapbacks.
Image: Instagram/Somizi Mhlongo

With the amount of "hate" and trolling celebrities sometimes have to endure on social media, it's no wonder Somizi is having a jol over Black Coffee's spicy clapbacks. 

The media personality shared how hard he was stanning for the international DJ after Black Coffee left two haters dizzy.

It all started when Black Coffee posted this picture.

One Twitter user laughed at the room Black Coffee was stepping out of and suggested it may have been "Midrand", which is stereotypically home to people who have apartments with little furniture

 Feeling the tweep was being silly, the DJ hit back, asking whether he wanted to see a "room divider" in his apartment to prove he has got furniture.  

Another user claimed he was disappointed by Black Coffee's "musk" choice, asking why he didn't support the ones South Africans were making. 

Coffee apologised to the follower with a snap of well-known Musk sweets, which carried the label "extra strong."

Coffee got a few people stanning more over Somizi, who shared screenshots of the clapbacks. The Idols SA judge added: "I stan... polite but hit back hard sarcastically. You are me, I am you."

Somizi said he was also not scared to put haters in their place.

In fact, the star recently clapped back at a user who mocked his mom.

“Let me engage you. I am proudly gonna age like my mom, happy and content. I just wish your mom reaches my mom's age and I used the word poor in a wrong sentence because Mohale won't be. I hope it's not the case with you and your gorgeous ageless mom,” he responded on Twitter.

The user later apologised for his comments and acknowledged the harm he had caused.