WATCH | Social media divided after open letter to Somizi claiming he takes 'all the jobs'

19 May 2020 - 14:00 By Masego Seemela
Social media users defend claims that Somizi should no longer get "all" the jobs.
Social media users defend claims that Somizi should no longer get "all" the jobs.
Image: Somizi Instagram

An open letter to media personality Somizi Mhlongo, calling for the industry to stop recycling the same people, threatened to nearly split social media on Tuesday.

The letter, delivered in a video on Twitter, went viral this week. In it, a woman talked about her struggles to find a job, whereas Somizi was everywhere "getting all the jobs". 

"I wake early and go for auditions and stand in long queues with many people in front of me not knowing when it'll be our turn... but here's a person called Somizi, he's all over the TV. 

"Where are we supposed to work if he's getting all the jobs?"

The woman went on to claim that other industry people were staying in their lane.

"I mean, let's look at songstress Kelly Khumalo, she stuck to just making music and is giving other people a chance. Somizi on the other hand, he's on Idols SA, a comedy show [referring to his roast] ... he's even on Metro FM. I see him on TV and also hear him on the radio, it's too much." 

She also claimed the star was not adding value at Metro FM and asked for him to step aside and give other people a chance.  

"This industry is playing with us and as South Africans we are afraid of the truth. You just watch the space, we are only going to make the same people have money while we stay jobless at home with no money."

Somizi has not replied to the woman's claims. 

The open letter landed the Idols SA judge on the trends list on Tuesday morning, drawing mixed reactions from social media users. 

While some felt the woman in the video raised a valid point, others felt the woman was attacking Somizi and could have found a better way address her frustrations. 

Here are some of the reactions: