Inside Vuyo Ngcukana's surprise dinner with bae

24 May 2020 - 13:00 By Masego Seemela
'The Queen' actor Vuyo Ngcukana is one happy man.
'The Queen' actor Vuyo Ngcukana is one happy man.
Image: Instagram/Vuyo Ngcukana

There might be a worldwide deadly pandemic at hand, but not all is doom and gloom for actor The Queen actor Vuyo Ngcukana, who had a young romantic dinner with his bae, actress Renate Stuurman.

Better known for his role of Schumacher on the hit telenovela, Vuyo shared how excited he was after he got a surprise package of meat from 947 presenter Anele Mdoda for her birthday. He celebrated by having a dinner date with the love of his life.

The actor explained the dinner date was also to celebrate the good things they, as a couple, have been experiencing lately.

Vuyo took to Twitter and shared intimate snaps of their young romantic dinner suggesting he was enjoying life to the maximum.

“Today my heart is bursting at the seams, with so many good things happening at once, answered prayers all around and a surprise dinner to celebrate. Thank you, Renate,” he tweeted.

The couple confirmed their relationship in 2018 with a series of loved-up pictures.

Vuyo shared how madly in love he was as they got to enjoy some quality time together.

“This pretty lady got jokes and I'm here for the laughs,” he said about Renate on Twitter.

Vuyo hasn't been shy to declare his love for his bae. In December last year, he shared a heartfelt message birthday message to the love of his life on Twitter. 

"Your beauty goes beyond your appearance - it’s the light in your heart, it’s your gentle smile and warm eyes, your healing embrace. You’re an amazing soul. Your love binds the pieces that hold my heart together. I want to wish you a very happy birthday - may God protect and bless you."