Kelly Khumalo slams irresponsible alcohol drinkers violating lockdown rules: Sibadala!

09 June 2020 - 14:00 By Chrizelda Kekana
Kelly Khumalo urged alcohol drinkers to be responsible.
Kelly Khumalo urged alcohol drinkers to be responsible.
Image: Instagram/Kelly Khumalo

Songstress and businesswoman Kelly Khumalo has come out strongly against people who have been consuming alcohol irresponsibly and breaking lockdown rules.  

The businesswoman had just launched her gin, Controversy, when Covid-19 arrived and messed with her 2020 plans.

While the lifting of the ban on the sale of alcohol means she is back in business, Kelly has made it clear she's against people being  "irresponsible". 

"What is so hard about getting drunk in the comfort of your own home and passing out there? If you are itching to see people, Facetime them," she said on her Twitter.

The songstress asked people to behave in an adult manner and respect the level 3 lockdown restrictions put in place to protect them.

Kelly's followers understood her frustration and agreed that alcohol drinkers needed to do better, especially in light of the unbanning of alcohol having a negative effect on the Covid-19 situation and straining the health system during the pandemic.